SPAIN’s first earthen 3d printed prototype

Valldaura Living Prototype is the first prototype of a building made through 3D printing with earth in Spain, within to a research project developed by the team of students, professors and experts from the postgraduate program in Architecture and 3D Printing with earth (3D Printing Architecture) of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), … Continuar leyendo SPAIN’s first earthen 3d printed prototype

Diriyah, a new earthen city

Participar en la realización de la ciudad de tierra más grande del mundo es un sueño para cualquier experta de construcción con tierra. Desde Arquitectura de Terra estamos avanzando para realizarlo desde 2020, cuando el Boston Consulting Group nos contrató para trabajar como consultentes de construcción con tierra para DGDA, la agencia pública que gestiona el megaproyecto Diriyah Gate, una extensión de 7 km2 de la ciudad de Riyadh realizada con adobes, ladrillos de tierra secados al sol.

excavated earth, from waste to raw material

Every year millions of tons of earth are excavated in the main metropolises of the world. We extract soil, a very valuable material, and dispose of it as rubble, or store it under roads, landscaped areas, etc. What if we started to recognize that excavated soil is a resource, and used it to build? In … Continuar leyendo excavated earth, from waste to raw material